Is the Program Safe?

is the male enhancement program safeWondering whether the male enhancement program is safe or not is a good question to ask. And the answer to that question is yes; provided you follow the procedures and pre-cautions correctly.

Once again we will draw example from working out. Just like in working out your body if you do too much weight or too many reps to soon, there are chances of running into problems. Such problems like overtraining, slight pain or aches are common in both penis enhancement as well as weight training if done improperly.

Other side effects of incorrect enhancement techniques are minor, but can slow your overall progress.

These include:

  • Baseball Bat Effect
  • Red Spotting
  • The Doughnut

Baseball Effect:

The baseball effect happens when the head or upper part of the penis is thicker than the base. This is cause usually from either not stroking the full length of the penis when exercising or from unequal pressure applied throughout the shaft. This can be avoided and corrected by simply making those alterations.

Red Spotting:

Red spotting is when you start to notice tiny little red dots on your penis after exercising. This is nothing to worry about though. It just means that tiny blood capillaries opened up from the exercises you applied. This will go away within 24-48hrs, and can be avoided by ensuring you get a proper jelq warmup beforehand.


Like the name implies this is when just under the head (also known as the glans) becomes slightly inflamed. This can occur after a very intense jelq session and just means that excess fluid has been pushed up to the glans. However, not to worry, within a few hours it will return to normal.

So as you can see from above above male enhancement when done properly is very safe and an effective method for penis growth. And a hell of a lot safer than any type of surgery, thats for sure.