How to Jelq Properly Video & Tutorial

how to jelq properlyHey guys Jason here, and today Im going to go over the basics of learning how to jelq properly and effectively. Jelqing is one of the backbone exercises and something that helped me make tons of my gains right off the bat.

First off know that you will almost always hear me make references to working out your body and working our your penis. They both share a lot of similarities to each other and many concepts are the same.

In this scenario learning how to jelq properly is essential and it is pretty much like the bench press for penis enlargement. In fact I’d go as far as saying if all you did was straight jelqing you would hard pressed to not reach your goals.

Learning how to jelq properly should be your first priority when getting in male enhancement and here I am going to show you the basics of exactly how to do it — so lets start.


How to Jelq Properly Step By Step


Just like when working out your body it is always a good idea to warm up the muscles and surrounding area. This increases blood flow and prevents unnecessary strain and reduces the chance of injury. However, a jelqing warm up is a little different from working out though.

When learning how to jelq properly rather than starting light, in a jelqing warmup you want to heat up the surrounding area either by having a hot shower first or using a hot wet washcloth. When using a washcloth simply wrap your dong inside the cloth and work the heat in. Do this for about five minutes and be sure to re-heat the cloth when it starts to cool down. Alternatively some people like to use a rice sock heated in the microwave, however, I have never done this.



The next step in learning how to jelq properly is applying lubrication. Now some people prefer using no lubricatio; and this is known as dry jelqing. Some even claim better results this way; however, I strongly prefer and urge you to start with using lubrication — also known as wet jelqing. Dry jelqing creates a whole lot more friction and is a good way to stretch and burn your dick if done improperly.

For a good lubrication you can use vaseline, olive oil, coconut oil, astroglide and practically any lubrication that will not sting or burn you. I personally prefer olive oil.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. You simply want to lube that sucker up for the next step.


Optimum Erection Level

When learning how to jelq properly you must remember that you never want to jelq at full erection; this is something only advanced guys do and personally I’m not a huge fan of it. You also don’t want to jelq completely soft as that would be just stupid and not work well.

The optimum erection level when learning how to jelq properly should be anywhere around 50-75%. Now you also want to be able to maintain this percentage throughout the entire exercise. So you’ll need to be able to ease off or harden up to stay within that range at all times.


The Jelq Grip & Movement

It may seem a little tricky at first but the proper movement when learning how to jelq properly is actually very simple once you get a good feel for it.  It is very similar to milking a cow.

ok gripOnce you’ve lubed your banana up you want to form an “ok” type grip with your hands, and wrap that around the base of your shaft. Now you can either do these palms up or palms down; there is no right or wrong way here and it is all personal preference.  Personally I prefer palms down as I feel I can get better control that way.

Starting from the base you want to apply a firm (not vulcan grip) comfortable pressure. Enough that you can feel the muscle being worked but not enough that you’re squeezing the sh!t out of yourself.

Simply keep that pressure throughout the movement and stroke down from the base and stop before the head; this is known as the glans. Once you reach the glans take your free hand and repeat that motion starting from the base all over again.

Basically you want an efficient movement and rhythm here. The second once hand hits the glans the other starts at the base and the movement continues with no interruption.


Duration, Safety Concerns, and Routine

Remember just like in working out you don’t instantly start doing 800 pushups your first day. Now in this scenario you’re body simply would not let you but with jelqing it is a different story and this leads for more concern.

It is very easy to overtrain, bruise, or injure your penis if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is not meant as a scare tactic, as jelqing and manual exercises really are the best ways to gain permanent results. However, know that when doing something like pushups your body will naturally give out before you can injure yourself.

In jelqing however, you won’t actually really feel any pain or know that you’ve injured yourself until after you complete your routine. Its a lot like getting a sunburn; you dont feel it until you’ve already done too much.

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Anyway to in regards to duration when learning how to jelq properly I recommend you start out with about 50 jelq repetitions per session and see your body body feels afterwards. I also recommend a 1 day on, 1 day off split when starting.

So hopefully this has helped you learn how to jelq properly along with understanding the basics and safety concerns required.

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