Does Male Enhancement Actually Work?

does male enhancement actually workAsking yourself “does male enhancement actually work”, is a completely valid and expected question for anyone new to the industry. With so much deception, false claims, and terrible products out there; male enhancement is one of the worst places for skepticism, next to “get rich quick schemes”, gambling and the supplement industry.

In fact people are often so skeptical of the male enhancement industry they believe that penis enlargement is impossible. And with all the garbage products and false claims out there who could really blame them.

I don’t know about you personally but before I got into this deceptive niche I was among the non believers. I thought that it was physically impossible that anyone could increase the length and girth of their penis for real.

My logic wasn’t dependent on any actual science or cold hard facts but merely what society had led me to believe my whole life. It seems to be almost unconsciously implied in society that male enhancement simply does not work — without any actual reason or evidence to back that statement up.

Even when evidence other wise has clearly been shown in case studies from popular sources like TIME magazine. The general knowledge is that its still impossible.

I can even recall listening to the Howard Stern Show a year or so back in my car — for anyone who doesn’t know the show is on satellite radio and is somewhat of a Gossip/Comedy talk show discussing mainly recent events and porn.  Well one of the casts was discussing his “small dick” issues and debating on penis surgery. It was mainly about if the surgery was worth the cost/risk/does male enhancement actually work? I figured if any show out there would know about real male enhancement then this should have been it. But at least from that episode, it didn’t seem to be the case.

Now believe me when I tell you I am one of the biggest skeptics out there and wondering does male enhancement actually work was constantly on my mind when I first got into this industry.

And I can now assure you from my own personal experience that male enhancement does actually work — provided you do things the right way.

Just like with working out, or really tons of things in the real world; a lot of times what separates people that don’t see results from the people who do, is not simply because of lack of willpower, but because they just aren’t assembling the pieces of the puzzle correctly.

I figured this out quickly and realized that garbage dick pills or supplements were not going to make my dick any bigger. I realized that manual exercises were the key to actually getting a bigger dick. But I also knew there were tons of room for error and I really didn’t know what I was doing.

I did my research and eventually settled on getting reputable help from a “personal trainer for penis’s”. And that personal trainer was Al Alfaro from the Male Enhancement Coach Program.

Now after my first couple of manual exercise sessions from the male enhancement coach program — which basically translates to doing the best proven exercises for length and girth, that are also tailored specifically for your body — I shit you not I saw about 0.2 inches of girth immediately that have never gone away to this day (you can read more about my story here).

Now don’t think this will happen after every session because these are simply newb gains from the “shock” of something new to my body (dick). But this was enough to make me a believer for my original question “does male enhancement actually work”.

So to sum things up, yes male enhancement does actually work provided you get a great course from a great coach like I did to speed along the process — or if you take the longer and more painful route of trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together yourself.

But either way male enhancement does actually work and manual exercises are the key.

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