Male Enhancement Coach Review

male enhancement coachHello, if you are on this site then you are probably interested in the Male Enhancement Coach Program and if it will actually work for you.

First off I need to get something off my chest. The male enhancement industry, like the supplement industry, has done a great job of convincing people that the whole idea of real penis enlargement is a scam.

With majority of the market being dominated by pills, magic beans, ridiculous devices, or some new wonder herb claiming nine inches of steel will occur over night.

The truth is that 95% of this crap does not work. And its done a real good job of destroying the reputation of the few ways and products within the industry that actually do work.

Truth be told, there are real ways to cure erecticle dysfunction, improve orgasm, increase girth, and increase length. And I’m a prime example of this myself.

Enhancement is similar to gaining muscle. The solution doesn’t lie in a bottle of pills or excessive use of a fancy machine. It relies on dedication, effort, knowledge, correct application, doing the right things, and persistence. However, the challenge for most people is they simply do not know how and what to do. Exactly like the muscle building industry this is why we dont see tons of herculean physiques walking around.

And unfortunately we have even less of an advantage because there are no steroids for your manhood. However, like natural muscle building you can always get yourself bigger and bigger. Its simply a matter of doing the right things and sticking to them.

It has been shown that every person out there has about 2 inches of extra penis growth in them. Just like every person has 20-30lbs or so of extra muscle they can gain on their bodies. In essence its the same thing. Those dudes in the adult film industry dont have any cheat codes. Besides using a pump to look a lil bigger, they have all found out what works and used it religiously.

So now without further ado I want to present the method or solution to my previous and your current problem. Whether that be increased orgasm strength or occurrences, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, stronger erections, or simply wanting to have a bigger penis in both length and girth. Or obviously all the above if you’re really unlucky (I feel for you).

Now I am not going to lie and say what I am about to tell you is the ONLY way you can achieve your desired goals. That would be a lie. However, like everything in the world having a coach or guide will greatly increase your results, efficiency and time frame.

Just like if you’re trying to lose weight and have no idea what you’re doing — if you can afford it then hiring a good personal trainer is the way to go. Likewise if you want to be a good salesman learning from someone that sells millions of dollars in products will greatly increase your own success. Just like we have universities and medical schools to teach us how to become a doctor, rather than learning ourselves.

What I am getting at here is that a male enhancement is very similar to what I mentioned above. Yes, you can get results from scouring the internet for resources and trying new things, then failing, trying again, failing again — until eventually something works.

However, this can be a very grueling procedure and eventually lead to loss of motivation through little results. This is one of the reasons why most people aren’t walking around with huge dicks. Either they are lazy and fall for the scams, or they try to do everything themselves and eventually give up. Then they convince themselves enhancement must not work and give up forever — believing its impossible.

So my real point here is that putting all the pieces together on your own can be extremely hard. There are just so many factors to account for, and so many ways you can mess things up. You can end up wasting a lot of time with trial and error and even potentially damaging yourself badly, if you’re not completely in the know-how. And your manhood isn’t something you particularly want to mess with and take chances on.

So you can either take the journey through possible hell and save a few bucks, or get someone or something that can help you each step of the way. Actually saving you money, time, potential injury, or from giving up in the long run.

For me I chose the latter, and after tons of research ended up finding my solution for the price of a magazine subscription.

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So what the heck is Male Enhancement Coach?

Well basically this course has been my bible for enhancement, and the reason for my fantastic results for some time now. The program itself is run by head coach AJ Alfaro who has been featured on popular programs like CNN, MSNBC, Weekly Wire, and more. He has published many successful books on the subject and also believes in increasing your overall life in conjunction to just penis enhancement.

featured in

With him is also head advisor Dr. Richard R. Howard. A doctor of health and fitness for over twenty years, with an area of expertise in researching, studying, and applying principles of penis enlargement and genital health. With his own knowledge and techniques he has added over 3 inches of length and two inches of girth to himself since getting into the enhancement side of life.

Together, and with the help of additional trained coaches they developed the program that has since helped over a quarter of a million men (I’m in there somewhere) achieve their penis enhancement goals.

Now here is where the program truly shines.

After you sign up they have you fill out your current conditions and goals. On this sheet you tell them stuff like: how much free time you can dedicate to enhancement, along with your health history, and finally the important stuff — your goals. Whether thats length gains, girth gains, fixing premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, fixing your penis curve or whatever enhancement related info you want to achieve.

After this the head coach AJ and his other coaches personally tailor a program based entirely on your needs and wants. Personally this customization was worth the entire course itself for me.

After this you are also given the meCoach Guide, this is essentially the bible I was referring too and the foundation to the course. As it provides step by step instructions for all aspects of male enhancement and penis enlargement.

Which includes:

  • Over 30 exercises and 10 routines for all aspects of penis enlargement
  • Specific proven workouts to help straighten your penis curve upwards of 40 percent
  • Stamina training to make you last longer
  • Proven ways to increase orgasm strength as well as how to achieve multiple orgasms
  • The meCoach log where you can properly organize all of your workouts, stats, and other information (keeping proper notes is crucial for busting through plateaus).
  • Various additional advice and tips from the results and successes of previous students


How Does it Work

This part is pretty straight forward. You simply follow your customized routine, do the exercises as instructed and track your progress. I always compare male enhancement to muscle building because a lot of factors are the same. By doing the exercises properly you are essentially stretching and lightly tearing down the muscle fascia within the penis. Like any muscle the body repairs and makes it grow bigger and stronger to accommodate for the newly applied stress.

While you’re exercising your penis and your body is repairing it — your body has to send more red blood cells to the area than it normally would. And this is what results in stronger erections and better orgasms.

By constantly and healthily training your penis to grow, your body is constantly diverting more resources and energy to that muscle. Eventually, like in weight lifting overtime you even start to develop a stronger mind-muscle or mind-penis connection. This can result in even stronger erection quality, stronger orgasms, and more overall control.

You ever see those dudes in adult films who can shoot their load across the room. Yea, this is how thats achievable. You’ve probably noticed yourself that you can sometimes shoot further and sometimes not. I have since taught myself to shoot my load on command about 3 feet from simply training the right muscles properly. A nice little side effect from the overall experience I guess.

Anyway, you train properly — you grow — simple, simple. But eventually you will plateau, and here is where the program truly shines again.

All you have to do is get in touch with your designated coach, or AJ through email, skype, whatever, and simply tell them whats going on. They then will give your their expertise advice on exactly what to do, to break through the plateau and continue growing and progressing. On your own working through a plateau can take weeks or months until you realize whats really going on.


What sold me:

Well I consider my manhood one of the most precious parts of my body and what it brings being some of the most enjoyable parts of my life.

In the past having hunted and tried many free methods — I ended up shortly screwing myself up pretty bad. After only a few exercises done wrong I had already managed to overtrain my penis, resulting in decresed erection and some pretty bad aching. I knew this was never going to work by myself, and that I needed a customized proven routine. After seeing that the program offered customized coach training and a quarter of a million successes, I deemed it worth a shot and decided to just go for it.


My Results

I’ve been on the enhancement program for about 4 months now. Initially I wanted more length, girth, and a stronger and better erection quality. I started at about 5.5 inches length x 5.5 inches girth. Im naturally pretty girthy.

No word of a lie after the first week I had gained about 0.2 inches of girth and 0.3 inches of length. This is what we call newbie gains — and yes these were permanent.

Since then I am at 6.7 inches length and 6.3 inches girth. I tend to focus more on length because thats my weak point. My goal since day one has been 8 inches in length by 6.5 inches girth.

I am nearing my girth goals, but still have a lot work to do in order to meet my length expectations. However, it is still early days for me, so no doubt I am convinced I will get there in the future.

Other Customer Testimonials

Heres a couple if testimonials I found for the program:

male enhancement coach testimonial


Like i said at the beginning, dont let the bad rap of the male enhancement industry discourage you from achieving your penis enlargement or enhancement goals. There are always going to be piles and piles of garbage out there. But amongst the rubble there will always be the gems just waiting to be discovered.

If you are serious about your manhood and having a better sex life then I strongly suggest you at least give the Male Enhancement Coach a shot. As you surely won’t be disappointed, and neither will your lucky partner 🙂

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